More pleasure. Better sex. Deeper intimacy.

Do you feel like you have never had the sexual fulfillment, pleasure and orgasms you truly want?

Does your life feel lackluster, like it’s missing the spark that would propel you to a whole new place of living vibrantly and in total freedom?

Do you want deeper intimacy, brighter passion, and more profound connection in your life? Do you feel disconnected from your body, your pleasure, your sexuality or your core life force?

The more whole we are as human beings, the more fulfilled we are as human beings.

In this 10 month virtual program, get the tools and guidance to claim your sexual power. 

How FIRE WOMAN! works: 

One element & two classes a month... anywhere in the world.
Each month we explore a different element of sexual empowerment. We kick off the month with a powerful teaching call; later on in the month, we meet by phone/webinar for a group coaching call for support and Q&A. All materials are always recorded and made available ASAP. You can participate from anywhere in the world. 

Assignments & exercises keep you on track.
This is not a fluffy, inspiration-filled course that lacks practical application: you will get real assignments, exercises and practical TOOLS to keep you on track as we move through each element. Our group structure will keep us accountable and the specialized focus on each element allows us to dive deep in between biweekly calls.

Build community with other women.
What would it do for you to have a community of women with whom you could share your sexual breakthroughs? With whom you could talk honestly about your struggles, celebrations and desires? Through a private Forum, we foster discussion on the 9 elements and the journey of sexual growth that we are each on. 

Elements of the FIRE WOMAN! Program:
~ 2 webinars/calls a month with Amy Jo, from March-November (closing ritual in December)... working through the 9 elements sequentially
~ a private Program Portal hosting all the recordings, handouts, worksheets and bonus resources
~ a thriving private Facebook forum for Program Members only
~ a
ccess to our library of sexual empowerment resources
~ bonus discounts and complimentary invitations to attend Amy Jo's virtual workshops/classes as her guest throughout the year


This program is for you if you want:

~ more sexual confidence
~ to feel more playful and lighter in your sexuality
~ greater clarity about what you want sexually 
~ to be able to ask for what you want clearly and confidently, without feeling awkward or guilty
~ more ease in boundary setting 
~ to release sexual shame, guilt, trauma and old beliefs that no longer serve you
~ to prioritize your self-care, pleasure, and joy 
~ to spark your creative energy and vitality
~ to explore new relationship styles and new erotic playgrounds
~ to deepen the connection between your sexual and spiritual energy
~ to feel a greater integration between your sexuality and the rest of your life


Calls provisionally scheduled at 8pm EST/5pm PT.  

Excavate and rewrite your inspired sexual story.
Teaching call: March 16th
Group call: March 30th

Make space for the sexual self you’ve been waiting for.
Teaching call: April 13th
Group call: April 27th

Release your damaging emotional patterns and open up to having more.
Teaching call: May 11th
Group call: May 25th

Radically accept your body.
Teaching call: June 8th
Group call: June 22nd

Activate desire & create a sexual practice.
Teaching call: July 6th 
Group call: July 20th 

Give yourself permission & develop your REAL erotic authenticity.
Teaching call: August 3rd 
Group call: August 17th 

Develop sexual skills & remember how to play.
Teaching call: September 7th 
Group call: September 21st 

Build sexual confidence and come home to yourself.
Teaching call: October 5th 
Group call: October 19th

Nurture and increase your dynamic sexual energy.
Teaching call: November 2nd 
Group call: November 16th

DECEMBER: Closing Ritual 

This program is for women-identified people only. This program is completely virtual–you can do it all online via phone and e-mail, no matter what country or time zone you live in. Everything is recorded, so if you miss a call, you get access to it within 24 hours. Amy Jo will be teaching the classes live. We meet twice a month by phone/webcast from March-December 2016.

What Women Are Saying

"I’ve gotten amazing tools and assignments from you, the feedback, wherewithal and encouragement that allowed me to transform my life.  [...] I started out wanting to feel ‘normal’ and I now feel extraordinary – a priceless freedom. You have guided me to accountability and choice – my new personal keys to feeling truly alive."

- Cynthia 

"The self-exploration, the sharing and the activities really challenged me and I found myself succeeding and blossoming before my eyes and everybody else’s. Amy Jo has got a great style. She’s so loving and supportive, she’s so skillful and she’s got a great intuition at knowing when I needed to be pushed just a little harder."

- Kristen

"Being in the company of other women talking about their sexual experiences helped let go my own self-judgment. I came to recognize there are many types of normal. I don’t have to worry about so many things; I had been trapped in my own fear based thinking for so long! That was a very eye-opening, liberating experience for me. I was inspired by the other women, their ease and confidence in what they were talking about and addressing. I also appreciated the diversity of everyone’s experiences and orientation.

My confidence in general as a woman and my awareness of how men respond to me and find me attractive is vastly different. I can use all of that fire and heat to love myself more and give myself more pleasure in the world I live in!"

- Suzanne

Make 2016 Your Year

This virtual coaching program is designed to support you for the entire year so that you can create lasting and real change.

Sexuality is a dynamic, lifelong process that is never static. Sometimes your needs change and you think something is wrong. It can be confusing when something that was “working” before goes wonky.

That’s a sign you need to pay attention and investigate what is going on for you and what’s happening with your desire and sexuality. When you ignore these signs, whatever it is that needs attention will find ways to express itself that can sometimes be dishonest, hurtful or damaging to you or to your relationships. There are more layers to your sexual self that need exploration and more stuff to unpack. 

Sexuality is not a one-size-fits-all by any stretch of the imagination, and yet, everyone has common aspects of our sexual nature that require exploration, understanding and expression. When you work on your sexual self in a deep way, it impacts every other aspect of your life. Then you can begin to live the fully expressed and passionate life you were meant to live, the Sexually Empowered Life.

Want to talk before you make the decision?

Are you ready to go deeper in your sexuality and relationships,  and just want to know if this is right for you? Fill out the application and book your Sexuality Breakthrough Call with a Program Coordinator. There is no cost to apply--just an honest discussion about whether this would help you and the chance to get your questions about the program answered. If we think the program isn’t right for you, we will tell you and offer a recommendation for something else. We can also discuss different possibilities for working together in 2016, including options for in-person work.