Fire Woman!
Claim Your Sexual Power
A 10 Month Virtual Coaching Program for Women

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Thank you so much for being part of my Erotic Evolution video series.

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The Fire Woman Virtual Coaching Program is for you if you want:

~ more sexual confidence
~ to feel more playful and lighter in your sexuality
~ greater clarity about what you want sexually 
~ to be able to ask for what you want clearly and confidently, without feeling awkward or guilty
~ more ease in boundary setting 
~ to release sexual shame, guilt, trauma and old beliefs that no longer serve you
~ to prioritize your self-care, pleasure, and joy 
~ to spark your creative energy and vitality
~ to explore new relationship styles and new erotic playgrounds
~ to deepen the connection between your sexual and spiritual energy

~ to be a part of a supportive, sex-positive community of women
~ to feel a greater integration between your sexuality and the rest of your life

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Goddard Enterprises"



Get these Bonuses When You Register:

~ Access to Amy Jo's virtual workshop and ritual, "How to Have Your Best Sexual Year Yet"

~ Access to the Ultimate Confidence in Sex, Money & Business virtual course (6 downloadable classes, value of $497)

~ Limited to the first 20 women to register: a 1-on-1 Ignite Your Sexuality Call with Lead Coach Leonore Tjia. Get personalized support in setting your goals for the program and creating the vision for your sexual life!


How the Program Works:

One element & two classes a month... anywhere in the world.
Each month we explore a different element of sexual empowerment. We kick off the month with a powerful teaching call; later on in the month, we meet by phone/webinar for a group coaching call for support and Q&A. All materials are always recorded and made available ASAP. You can participate from anywhere in the world. 

Assignments & exercises keep you on track.
This is not a fluffy, inspiration-filled course that lacks practical application: you will get real assignments, exercises and practical TOOLS to keep you on track as we move through each element. Our group structure will keep us accountable and the specialized focus on each element allows us to dive deep in between biweekly calls.

Build community with other women.
What would it do for you to have a community of women with whom you could share your sexual breakthroughs? With whom you could talk honestly about your struggles, celebrations and desires? Through a private Forum, we foster discussion on the 9 elements and the journey of sexual growth that we are each on. 


Calls provisionally scheduled at 8pm EST/5pm PT.  We do our best to accomodate participants in many different countries and time zones; some of these call times will change accordingly. 

Excavate and rewrite your inspired sexual story.
Teaching call: March 16th
Group call: March 30th

Make space for the sexual self you’ve been waiting for.
Teaching call: April 13th
Group call: April 27th

Release your damaging emotional patterns and open up to having more.
Teaching call: May 4th 
Group call: May 18th 

Radically accept your body.
Teaching call: June 1st 
Group call: June 15th 

Activate desire & create a sexual practice.
Teaching call: July 6th 
Group call: July 20th 

Give yourself permission & develop your REAL erotic authenticity.
Teaching call: August 3rd 
Group call: August 17th 

Develop sexual skills & remember how to play.
Teaching call: September 7th 
Group call: September 21st 

Build sexual confidence and come home to yourself.
Teaching call: October 5th 
Group call: October 19th

Nurture and increase your dynamic sexual energy.
Teaching call: November 2nd 
Group call: November 16th

DECEMBER: Closing Ritual 

Elements of the FIRE WOMAN! Program:
a 1-on-1 "Ignite" Call, 1-on-1 with lead coach Leonore Tjia to onboard you and establish your goals for the program, when the program begins. **LIMITED TO THE FIRST 20 WOMEN WHO REGISTER**
2 webinars/calls a month with Amy Jo, from February-October (closing ritual in November)... working through the 9 elements sequentially
a private Program Portal hosting all the recordings, handouts, worksheets and bonus resources
a thriving private Facebook forum for Program Members only
~ a
ccess to our library of sexual empowerment resources
bonus discounts and complimentary invitations to attend Amy Jo's virtual workshops/classes as her guest throughout the year

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Billed simply as "Amy Jo Goddard Enterprises"



What Women Are Saying

"Being in the company of other women talking about their sexual experiences helped let go my own self-judgment. I came to recognize there are many types of normal. I don’t have to worry about so many things; I had been trapped in my own fear based thinking for so long! That was a very eye-opening, liberating experience for me. I was inspired by the other women, their ease and confidence in what they were talking about and addressing. I also appreciated the diversity of everyone’s experiences and orientation.
My confidence in general as a woman and my awareness of how men respond to me and find me attractive is vastly different. I can use all of that fire and heat to love myself more and give myself more pleasure in the world I live in!"
-Suzanne, 2015 participant
"I’ve gotten amazing tools and assignments from you, the feedback, wherewithal and encouragement that allowed me to transform my life.  [...] I started out wanting to feel ‘normal’ and I now feel extraordinary – a priceless freedom. You have guided me to accountability and choice – my new personal keys to feeling truly alive."
- Cynthia, 2015 participant 
“This program definitely helped me with communicating about sex. It feels normal to talk about sex now, in the way you talk about anything; having it be something to not be shy about anymore has made a huge difference.
It has also helped with boundary setting in sexual situations. Years ago, if painful sex came up, I would have thought ‘I’m broken, I’m lucky this person is having sex with me because I am a broken person and I should shut up and ignore it.’ I don’t do that anymore. If something hurts, we stop. The work has helped me so much with my own self-acceptance and accepting my own desires.”
- Karen, 2015 participnt

What the Fire Woman Program Is:

The Fire Woman virtual coaching program is a 10 month curriculum based on Amy Jo's groundbreaking book Woman On Fire: 9 Elements to Wake Up Your Erotic Energy, Personal Power and Sexual Intelligence (2015). In this 10 month program, you have the opportunity to deeply explore your sexuality with Amy Jo's guidance and the support of our vibrant community of women.

This is a group program that involves meeting twice a month by webinar/phone, with community discussion in a private Forum and self-directed exercises and worksheets in between calls. The group discussion is rich, thoughtful and heartfelt.

This work is for women who are eager and excited to make this commitment to growing their sexuality, and who are ready to dive deep into this transformational work. This is a program for women who are an enthusiastic "YES" to more pleasure, intimacy, desire, passion and greater wholeness as sexual people. Adult women of all ages, backgrounds, relationship styles, sexual orientations and identities are welcome! We honor the diversity of our community.

What the Fire Woman Program Is Not:

Fire Woman is a group coaching program, not professional therapy. Amy Jo is a sexual empowerment expert with professional training in sexuality education and the work we do is very different from therapy. If you are seeking a therapist who can help you with your sexuality, check out the AASECT directory of licensed professionals.

This is deep and transformational work that includes excavating and releasing old wounds, beliefs, shame, guilt and trauma. We understand that many women have had experiences of boundary violation, assault, and/or abuse and we believe that healing work is an essential part of holistic sexual empowerment. However, our intensive programs are usually not the best fit for women who are in the immediate aftermath of a recent trauma or assault experience. We support women to work through their healing process at their own pace. Ultimately, it's your decision if you are ready to dive into this work. If you would like to speak to a program coordinator before making the decision, we invite you to book a complimentary call to talk with us.

Some of Amy Jo's programs are open to people of all genders, but the Fire Woman virtual coaching program is designed for women only (however you came by that identity; we welcome women of trans experience into our community). If you do not identify as a woman but you would like to do some work with Amy Jo in the immediate future, check out our Going All the Way: Sex and Money virtual program.

This program does not automatically include 1-on-1 coaching; upgrades to private coaching are limited and based on our coaches' availability. Women who know they would benefit from more 1-on-1 work, and who understand that this is a 4-5 figure commitment, can apply for a coaching package. A program coordinator will talk to you to assess whether we are a good fit to work together privately.

About Amy Jo Goddard & Team iSexy


(Left to right: Elise, Amy Jo, Leonore - at the Woman on Fire launch party in NYC)

As a team, we are dedicated to helping women break through the barriers that hold them back from having the sexual and relational fulfillment they desire. We acknowledge sexuality as an important and natural part of people’s lives – a site where our personal growth has incredible potential. We see sexuality as holistically connected to health, happiness, self-concept, and human fulfillment. We embrace an intersectional feminist perspective that respects sexual and cultural diversity and encourage people to learn from multiple perspectives, especially in relation to sexuality.

Our programs offer women the chance to feel seen and heard, space to discuss and get underneath the surface, coaching and support to see blind spots and move past them in order to put to bed all that is negative and unproductive about sexuality, relationships and intimacy. 

We are committed to supporting the women in our programs and grateful to have the opportunity. We will have fun, laugh, celebrate, feel, move, deepen and empower ourselves. We come prepared, excited, ready and 100% present.

If you're feeling out whether the Fire Woman program is the right fit for you, our team of skilled program coordinators is available to help you make the decision. There's no cost for the call and no pressure to buy (if we don't think it's a good fit, we'll recommend something else). Want to talk? Click here to book a complimentary call.

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Billed simply as

"Amy Jo Goddard Enterprises"



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