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Sexuality is often overlooked as an essential piece of women's power.

In this video training, I will be sharing a perspective that I've drawn from thousands of conversations about sexuality and seeing the mental blocks that people get stuck in.

This complimentary training is for you if:
- you feel like there's a "missing piece" in your sexuality
- you want to have MORE in your sexual life and relationships 
- you believe sexuality is an integral part of your wholeness
- you don't feel as sexually connected or expressed as you would like
- you want to be able to ask for what you want without minimizing it, feeling guilty, or worrying about how other people will react

In this video series, you will learn: 
- the ABCs of sexual self-acceptance so you can start to unpack and connect to your sexuality, right away
- the #1 mental block I've seen people get stuck in that keeps them from asking what for what they truly want
- 3 ways that our sex-negative culture impacts our sexual self-esteem (yes, even feminists and people who already have a critical perspective on this)

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The more whole we are as sexual beings,
The more fulfilled we are as human beings...